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Joseph Carmouche


Marie Magdeleine Ducote


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Joseph Carmouche and his family moved from Pointe Coupee to Avoyelles around 1785.  He and Marie had nine children. 
  1. Julie Carmouche born June 25, 1766 married at age 30  Marc Eliche on May 4, 1796.  Marc Eliche was an Italian, born in Venice.  He was the son of Antoine Eliche and Marie Bondiniche.  Marc Eliche is credited as being the founder of the town of Marksville.
  2. Anne Carmouche born March 15, 1769 married Antoine Lacheney on January 15, 1793,  a native of Canada, son of Jacques Lacheney and Catherine Fremont.
  3. Isabelle Carmouche born August 31, 1771.
  4. Joseph Carmouche born January 17, 1774.  Died October 20, 1777
  5. Clement (Layment) Carmouche born September 22, 1775, married Victoire Guillot born 1778.  Victoire was the daughter of Joseph Guillot and Francoise Dardenne.  Clement was the only surviving son of Joseph Carmouche and Marie Magdeleine Ducote.  It is because of Clement that the name Carmouche survived in Avoyelles.
  6. Suzanne Carmouche born November 11, 1779 married Louis Morasse.
  7. Flores Carmouche born March 28, 1782.
  8. Rosalie Carmouche born April 26, 1784.
  9. Elizabeth Carmouche born January 17, 1788 married at 15, Alexandre Guillot on January 11, 1803.  Alexandre was the son of Joseph Guillot and Francoise Dardeene.

Note:  Clement Carmouche married Victoire Guillot and Elizabeth Carmouche married Alexandre Guillot both from the Joseph Guillot and Francoise Dardeene family.   


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